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We're devoted to finding the best materials for our vinyl, making them resistant to chipping, fading, and tearing. Some of the most prominent vinyl suppliers in the world are our resources. Whether you prefer an all-over wrap or just specific chrome wrap accents, car wraps Houston gives you the best treatment with the greatest attention to detail. We can create a new look for your vehicle, so it becomes a reflection of you.

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Welcome To Houston Car Wrap Shop

Struggling with wear and tear on your car? Here are some reasons to get high-impact vinyl covers on your car.

Extreme weather conditions can take a toll on your car. During hot summers, you can damage the paint on your car due to the heat it absorbs. When the snow melts on your car's paint, it can leave behind water spots. When the paint gets scratched, the metal underneath it begins to rust. If you want to protect your car's paint, you can always opt for a cover.

A car cover is everything you need to protect your car from harmful UV rays, rain or just keep it away from dust. You can use this for practice or just to keep it away from the elements.

It will protect your car from wear and tear, scratches, and other damage. In addition, a car cover will help retain your car's beauty, preventing dulling of paint and scratches over time.

The only thing more fun than speeding down the highway in your very own super-exclusive car brand is making people think they're looking at a completely different model. However, it is important to be aware that when removing the stickers, you will need to do it carefully to not damage the paint on your car.

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white commercial car wrap on sports car

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Full-Service Auto Wrapping and Graphic Shop

Our car wraps Houston TX specialists use top-of-the-line techniques and employ the latest digitally printed technology. Contact our car wraps Houston shop today to give your vehicle a complete makeover. This high-impact vinyl covers and protects your vehicle's original paint job while also giving it a totally new look.

Houston Car Wrap Shop has been in business for years. Our team of auto wrap Houston professionals has decades of combined experience in the business of putting graphics and wraps on cars and trucks. As a full-service graphic shop and auto wrap near me, we can do it all. Our auto wrapping shop can handle any type of custom paint job.

Why Customers Choose Houston Car Wrap Shop

Our vinyl wrap car shop is more than just a car wrapping or graphic shop. We also paint cars and trucks at our state-of-the-art auto body shop. Ever since we started, we have been proudly serving the clients in Texas and everywhere else.

Our goal was and still is to provide the best service and the most cost-effective wraps. We focus on each of our clients and their requirements, and we deliver. We know that we can't be the best if we don't seek to constantly improve ourselves, and that is why we constantly train and work with the best to constantly improve.

  • Expert installation

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Custom designed for your vehicle

  • All vehicles are hand-wrapped with care

  • Professionalism and reliability

  • We use the latest technology and materials to ensure your car wrap lasts

  • We create custom designs to make sure your car stands out

  • We work closely with you to make sure you are happy with the design before it goes on your vehicle

  • We offer free consultations

  • We aim for a quick turnaround time

  • We make sure our car wraps Houston pricing is affordable

There's Nothing We Can't Do

Not only do we provide the highest quality and most competitive car wrap prices vehicle in the Lone Star State, but we also do car window tinting, 3m vinyl wrap graphics, paint protection film installation and repair, vinyl repair, and more. Our vehicle wraps Houston TX experts will custom design the perfect solution for your vehicle wrap. So whether you're looking for a wide format print, a classic vinyl, or a high-resolution graphic, look no further.

Call Houston Car Wrap Shop For a Free Estimate

When you're ready to get started on your next vehicle graphics project, type car wrap near me in Google, save our information, and give us a call. We'll help you design commercial vehicle graphics, figure out the dimensions, and give you an estimate. If you need your graphics installed right away, come on by for a free estimate or to schedule/book an appointment with the most experienced vinyl car wrap Houston professionals.

What To Expect from Houston Car Wrap Shop

Houston is one of the most populated cities in Texas, and it's an economic powerhouse, hosting the headquarters of some of the biggest corporations in the world. As such, the area's residents have a lot of disposable income, and they love to spend it on their cars, so naturally, there are a lot of Houston wrap shops there as well, each with its own specialty and approach to their business. But of course, our shop does the best car wraps in Houston.

Why Customers Like To Choose Us

We are one of the best wrap shops in Houston. We focus on providing quality workmanship to our clients, always ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We use only high-quality products and materials in our work, ensuring that you get all of your money's worth with each project we complete. What is more, we offer a free consultation so that you can learn about different ideas for your car wraps.

The Car Wrapping Process From Contacting To Service Done

The process from contacting to service done is quite simple. Customers have their options for standard services. Once they choose, just let us know when they want to schedule an appointment, and we can be there promptly. It usually takes a maximum of 3 to 5 days for our vinyl wrap Houston experts to complete a job. We offer great customer service and timely communication to make sure you're completely satisfied with our work.


The time it takes to put a commercial car wrap on your vehicle will vary based on size and complexity. Some vehicles can be wrapped in just one day, while others may take up to four days. You'll also want to make sure you allow yourself enough time to remove or move items from inside your vehicles, such as glass panels or hanging files.


When you walk into a place like the Houston Car Wrap Shop, it's important to know that you're walking into an environment where not only is there skill involved in what they do, but experience. You need people who understand car wraps and graphic design at an art level and at a business level. Our team of car wraps Houston designers have over 40 years of combined experience in the field, so whatever your project is, we can deliver on it quickly and effectively. We can tell you how much vehicle wraps cost, how long it will take to finish, and what quality of work you can expect.

Our Services

houston car paint protection film

You can't take your car's paint for granted. It's why we offer the highest-quality paint protection film (PPF) in America to keep our customers' cars looking their best. At Houston Car Wrap Shop, we adhere to the highest industry standards, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that our state-of-the-art carbon fiber wrap will protect your car even more against harmful UV rays and environmental pollution.

houston car wrap color change 3m

We're expert graphic designers, printers, installers, and applicators—all under one roof. During the process of our vinyl color change, we utilize the newest technology in digital printing, ensuring top-quality graphics on your vehicle wrap for years to come.

When it comes to changing the color of your car, no matter whether it's personal or professional use, we at The Houston Car Wrap Shop can help. Our color change service is the best in the business, and we will deliver a high-quality finish that will blow your mind away. See our gallery for some inspiration.

houston custom car wrapping

Made to order and made to impress. Houston Car Wraps is the premier resource for custom car wraps and camo car wrap design services in Houston. If you're looking for an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your brand and grow sales, look no further than a custom car wrap. Car wrapping is a fantastic advertisement method that can boost brand awareness and increase sales at the same time. Hire our vehicle wrap Houston experts for a top-notch car wrap design and installation.

houston commercial vehicle wrapping

Our custom car wraps Houston specialists will work with you to develop a design that perfectly encapsulates your identity. Wrapping a car is a unique way to make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Whether you want to attract attention on the road or you're looking for a cool way to express yourself, car wrapping is a great option. Car wraps don't only make your ride look great — they also protect it from dings and scratches, as often as you might drive around.

houston car wraps

Car Wraps

Houston Car Wrap Shop will provide you with high-quality car wraps, vehicle wraps, vinyl lettering, and graphics for your personal cars. We use a special 3M adhesive that holds onto your car or truck through rain and shine. Your vehicle is going to look professional with our expert placement of your custom designs.

houston custom truck wrapping

Truck Wraps

Creative, professional truck wrap printing is an art that can completely revamp the look of your vehicle. And with the help of our experienced team at Houston Car Wrap Shop, it's easy to give your vehicle a custom touch that will give it just the right amount of pop. The entire process starts with a consultation. We work closely with you to help you choose the right look for your vehicle.

No matter where you live, the awesome design of commercial truck wraps will attract attention wherever you go. In addition to special offers and product information, you can also use custom vinyl graphics that show off the style and personality of your brand—the Best Solution for Vehicles that need to be Visually Attention-Getting.

Creative, professional truck wrap printing is an art that can completely revamp the look of your vehicle. And with the help of our experienced team at Houston Car Wrap Shop, it's easy to give your vehicle a custom touch that will give it just the right amount of pop.

houston van wraps

Van Wraps

We build commercial van wraps to make your delivery van unforgettable. With a large variety of colors and designs, we can wrap your van in any way you want. Whether you want to show off your business or make it more personal, we're ready to help you. From a one-color car color wrap to complex artwork, we have a vast amount of experience. We own a state-of-the-art auto production facility and will work to ensure that your van wrap will stand out from the crowd.

Boat Wraps

The main purpose of a boat wrap is to make your boat stand out from the crowd, make it look unique and somewhat "trendy," but also do it in a classy or elegant way that makes people take notice, but yet not feel like you are just advertising. Boat Wraps are an excellent way to advertise your company.

There are many types of designs available to give your boat that unique look. One of the most popular types of designs for a boat is a wrap that has a gloss to it. These types of boat wraps will usually have a background that's a color that's a little bit darker than the actual design. When you look at a boat that has a gloss, the background will fade away and make the boat wrap design stand out.

Bus Wraps

Bus Wraps are cost-effective and highly effective marketing methods used to advertise your brand, event, or message through the power of bus and car advertising wrap. As people drive around town, they'll be able to see your advertisement on the sides of buses, street posts, parking lots, and more. A Bus Wrap can promote an event, sell a product or service directly to consumers, or even promote a non-profit cause.

Trailer Wraps

You want your business on the road. Make sure you do it in style. Trailer wraps are available on an array of mediums, including on-demand printing on vinyl banners rather than traditional die-cut stickers. Vinyl provides large print areas on both sides of the vehicle, so drivers can advertise their company or business during rush hour traffic or while parked in a parking lot.

Trailer wraps are perfect for businesses that operate vehicles that spend a lot of time on the road. Rather than rely on car magnets or die-cut stickers, drivers can advertise their business with large vinyl banners that wrap around the entire side of the vehicle — visible to three lanes of traffic during rush hour and to consumers parked in a busy shopping area.

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Houston, Texas, is one of the most fascinating and diverse cities in the United States today. It's located in the southeastern part of the state and has a long history as an oil and gas powerhouse and one of the country's top hubs for medicine, technology, and manufacturing. This city has grown exponentially over the last few decades, and it's now one of the largest metropolitan areas in America, with more than 2 million residents calling it home.

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Industry Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wonder what it's like to work in the car wrapping industry? Many people have questions about this fascinating line of work that are only answered by those who actually do it. This article answers frequently asked questions from the car wrapping industry. For instance, how does one become a sign spinner? What kinds of things do you learn when working in this industry? Are there any other common questions related to this field that people ask often? Check out this list of questions and answers to find out more!

1) What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is when a vehicle's exterior is decorated with vinyl, allowing for a wide range of colors and images to be applied.

2) What material do we use to wrap cars?

There are three main materials used to wrap cars. These are vinyl, matte film, and paint.

3) Do wraps stick on cars?

Yes, but it's important to realize that they will not stay stuck forever. If you would like your wrap to stick for a longer period of time, make sure you get one of our UV-protected wraps.

4) How long do wraps last?

An average wrap will last 2-3 years, depending on how much you drive your car. If you're rarely driving your car, it could be longer than three years.

5) Do vinyl wraps scratch easily?

While they may not scratch easily, we recommend that you take very good care of your commercial vehicle wraps by washing them regularly and storing them in a dry place when not in use.

6) Can I do my own vinyl wrap at home?

While it is possible to apply a vinyl wrap yourself, doing so can be risky. To ensure that your vinyl wrap looks great and lasts a long time, you should leave it up to a professional company. Search vinyl wrap car near me in Google, then click Houston Car Wrap Shop to find the best designs and prices.

7) How much does a Houston car wrap cost?

A lot less than you think. Car wraps can last for years, so they're a great way to stretch your investment. Contact us for a free estimate.

Wrap My Car With Vinyl Wrap Near Me

Customize your vehicle to represent your brand with full-color wraps and graphics! We'll help you with the design and installation of a wrap that will not only represent your brand but will be a marketing tool as well.

Schedule your free consultation or order online. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced designers to see which colors, wrap types, and graphics will best represent your brand on the streets.

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It's not just about driving. You are an adventurer. You are the wheelman, the wheelwoman, the wheelperson, the wheelowner. Whether you're cruising around Houston or scoping out the Grand Canyon on jeep tours, you were born to take it all in. So don't leave your vehicle vulnerable.

Protect your car from the elements and potential damage with a good quality car wrap. Not only will it protect the surface of your vehicle, but it also guards it against foreign objects like bird droppings and tree sap. A quality commercial vehicle wrapping will allow you to shield your vehicle and give it a longer life.

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